What is the management of each link such as operation personnel wash hands?

- Apr 08, 2020-

Hospital infection not only seriously affects the quality of medical care, but also threatens the life of patients. Surgery § is one of the high-risk departments of nosocomial infection. The aseptic operation management is the key factor to ensure the success of operation.

It is also an important measure to prevent and control hospital infection. Our hospital is a specialized orthopedic hospital. With the passing of LCI certification, the improvement of its popularity and the increasing number of operations, higher requirements have been put forward for the environment of clean operating room. To explore the effective methods and strategies of nosocomial infection management in the operating room, to control nosocomial infection in the operating room and improve the quality of medical care. Methods: by improving the rules and regulations of infection management in hospitals and departments, strengthening the medical ethics education of surgical staff, strengthening the environment of operating room and the management of hand washing of surgical staff. Results: the control and management of infection in the operating room were strengthened to make the operating room environment and articles meet the requirements of "hospital infection management standard". Conclusion: through scientific and rational management of each link, the infection rate in the operating room can be reduced to the minimum, so as to control the occurrence of nosocomial infection in the operating room and promote the early recovery of the patients. The operating room is an important place for the treatment of patients in the department of surgery. It adopts invasive treatment methods and is one of the high-risk departments of hospital infection. The operating room is responsible for the operation and rescue of critical patients. The mild cases cause pain and the severe cases can be life-threatening. Infection control and monitoring in the operating room is the key to successful operation. Infection control and management in operating room not only depend on the quality of design, but also on the operation mechanism of infection monitoring and control. Methods according to the factors of 6S management, the operating room environment, articles, nursing safety were standardized.

Results the operating room nursing efficiency was improved and the incidence of nursing adverse events was reduced before and after 6S management. The difference was statistically significant (P<0.05). overall="" nursing="" satisfaction="" increased="" from="" 85.38%="" to="" 95.35%.="" conclusion="" 6s="" management="" mode="" should="" be="">

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