Why is the construction requirement of operating bed disinfection and supply room reasonable?

- Mar 09, 2020-

Strengthen the monitoring of aseptic articles to prevent nosocomial infection. Methods: do a good job in cleaning, disinfection, sterilization and monitoring of sterile articles. Results: to ensure the quality of disinfection products and clinical safety, and to eliminate hospital infection. Conclusion: strict rules and regulations

Reasonable layout and workflow ensure the medical safety and early recovery of patients, and avoid the occurrence of nosocomial infection. Disinfection supply room is an important department that provides all kinds of sterile medical equipment, dressings and other sterile articles to the whole hospital. The quality of work in the supply room is closely related to the hospital infection, the occurrence of heat source reaction and the harm of particulates, which directly affects the effect of medical treatment and nursing quality, even the life safety of patients. The core of the work of supply room is to ensure the quality of sterile goods, and it is also an important link to reduce hospital infection, prevent heat source reaction and control the occurrence of hospital infection. Objective to explore the feasibility of prolonging the use time of the operating table in the operating room of grade 10000 and above, and to put forward a new standard for the use time of the sterile operating table in accordance with the clean classification of the operating room. Methods plate exposure method and object surface smear method were used to detect the microorganism in the air of ten thousand grade clean operating room of the hospital and the sample of the microorganism on the surface of the object on the sterile operating table. The sampling time was immediately, 5, 6, 7, 8 hours after the opening of the table. After the sampling, the bacteria were immediately cultured and the pollution rate at each time point was calculated. Results the sterile operating table laid in the ten thousand grade clean operating room could keep sterile for a long time, and the pollution rate of each time point was 0, 0, 1.19%, 1.19%, 0.85% respectively. There was no significant difference in each group. Conclusion under the condition of ten thousand grade clean operating room, the newly laid sterile operating table can remain sterile for a long time even after more than 4 hours.

Objective to find out the related factors of infection in operating room and guide the control and management of infection in operating room. Methods according to the "technical specification for hospital disinfection", bacteria were detected and cultured in the air of the operating room, sterile articles, main object surfaces and the hands of the operating personnel.

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