What Is The New Product Of Medical Old Operating Bed?

- Apr 08, 2020-

Objective to develop a multifunctional animal operating bed based on the old operating bed. Methods the multi-functional animal surgical bed was composed of bed surface, bed surface support, bed surface support and base joint and base. The body, head and limbs of the animals are guaranteed in the operating bed.

The automatic extension and contraction of the human treadle table was designed. Results 7 cases of goat left heart auxiliary devices were implanted in this surgical bed in our hospital. Conclusion the multi-functional animal operating bed transformed from the old surgical bed is more professional, stable, convenient and safe, which can not only realize the reuse of the old surgical bed, but also improve the working efficiency of animal heart surgery experiments and reduce the labor intensity of surgeons. The traditional artificial abortion operation bed is the old type receive a birth bed, divide into have saddle type foot or do not have saddle type foot two kinds, the structure is simple, ham and body change body position easily because of unwell, all collect medical treatment rubbish with dirt bucket. Due to the lack of postural fixation devices, the traditional artificial abortion surgical bed is not cooperative when the awake subject is uncooperative or when the general anesthesia wakes up rest.on the basis of the introduction of the composition and working principle of the electric surgical bed, the structural function and technical index of the electric surgical bed are expounded. Combined with the domestic and foreign electric operating bed manufacturers and the use of electric operating bed in China, the current situation of its use was analyzed, according to the actual use of the hospital and the previous experience, the corresponding management and maintenance methods were put forward. This paper introduces some multifunctional and specialized electric operating beds, and points out that the separated electric operating bed system will be the development direction of future operating beds.

A foot-operated cleaning and disinfection operating bed is designed by ourselves. With the advantages of convenient, fast, time-saving, labor-saving, hospital infection reduction, timely rescue, etc., the clinical use, the effect is satisfactory, reduce the burden of nursing staff, improve the quality of nursing work.

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